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We all deserve healthy relationships!! Are you struggling to build lasting enriching connections that propel your personal and professional growth? As a coach, I teach men and women transformational skills to build lasting, enriching connections in their personal and professional life. Remember, change begins from the first small act. The fact that you are reading this is the first step towards seizing the kind of relationships you desire. Interested? Let's get started!!

“Thank you so much Coleen for helping me identify career goals and personal goals for my future. You also helped build my confidence so that I can be the best version of myself. I highly recommend working with her!” – Karessa Cohron

About Me

I’m So Proud Of You. Really. It takes courage and a “fed-up-ness” to visit this webpage and I’m so glad you’re here. This is a safe space for you.

It is human nature to crave connection with others. These connections provide a springboard to a fulfilling life. Too often, we find ourselves in relationships that are not lifting us up and we are not sure what to do.  Over time, we lose our sense of self, self-worth and self confidence. All of the relationships in our life serve a different purpose, but share the fundamental building blocks of a healthy relationship. I support professionals like yourself by teaching you the transformational skills to build lasting and enriching connections that propel your personal and professional growth.   I would love to share these skills and support systems with you so that you too can have a life filled with meaningful relationships: the true measure of abundance and success.

“Coleen has helped me achieve personal and business growth significantly in both arenas. I highly recommend working with her. – Brian Wheeler”


Certified Professional Coach

Certified Trauma Informed Coach

Domestic Violence Advocate

Bachelor of Science in Law from Central Washington University

25 years as a Procurement leader with Fortune 500 companies

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix

I was not fulfilled with my career path and decided to pursue my passion of helping others live a life of abundance and joy

Proud Mom, Wife and Life-Long Learner

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The currency of life is the depth and quality of our connections.

We all want great connections but sometimes it can be a daunting task to create sustain them.  I support corporate professionals in building healthy relationships by teaching them transformative skills to build lasing, enriching connections that propel their personal and professional growth.

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Coleen has been very instrumental in helping me achieve the goals I set for my growth.  I am truly encouraged looking forward. I would highly recommend her services to family and friends.” – Kim Tawyea

I can’t emphasize enough how supportive Coleen has been in my healing journey. I started working with Coleen after leaving a toxic relationship and she helped me identify my red flags and qualities to find myself again.  Coleen also helped me navigate some difficult career changes with grace. I highly recommend Coleen for anyone who is looking to transform their lives in these and similar areas as she has been a guiding light for me during a very difficult time in my life. Thank you so much Coleen” – EM

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